Stop Trading Time For Money And Do What You Love.

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If you’re reading this then it’s likely you and I share some common ground.

One thing that’s for sure is we are looking for something more in our lives. Whether it be income, work that’s actually meaningful, time with the family or just doing what you love.

Building a side gig or escaping your current job altogether.

Whatever your drive for change is, keep reading on as this could (should!) be right up your alley.

Picture yourself waking up excited for the meaningful "work" you're going to do that day, and seeing that your bank account just grew overnight while you slept... Imagine getting up when you want to and not having to sit through a long, frustrating commute to your job...

Picture being present for loved ones at home because you don't have to leave to work crazy hours... People will wonder "They always seem to be out enjoying life - Did they win lotto?... How do they do it!?"

More people than ever are looking to earn money online but most have no idea where to start or what it will realistically take. There’s a lot of noise out there, and with numerous different tried & tested methods, many are left wondering:

Which one is right for me?”, or more likely: “Can someone like me even pull this off?”

The answer to the last question is most definitely a “yes, if…”

It doesn’t matter what your race, background, age or even tech ability is - YES, you can do it IF you educate yourself, clearly identify what you want and apply yourself to its success.

Now let’s check out 10 reasons why people choose to grow an online business (and why you want to jump onboard):

1. Ultimate flexibility

Work on WHAT you want, WHEN you want and from WHERE you want - all you need is an internet connection. Need I say more? Name any other business model that allows this level of flexibility…go on, I’ll wait…

This is the ultimate cherry on top for those who want to live life by their own terms. Do yourself a favour and daydream for 30 seconds about what your life would be like if you could live by those three ‘W’s.

2. Uncapped earning potential. 

People often ask for estimates of what they may earn, and it’s impossible to answer. All you can do is look at the success of others to see examples of what is possible - how it pans out is up to you. Some kick goals early on and others require more time.

What I can assure you of is your online business can be bringing in revenue 24-7, 365. Think about that for the second… you put in the initial work to get things set up and then you can be earning money at any moment of the day - when you're sleeping, at the beach or even on holidays!

Always open and highly automated - once set up, you can bring in full-time money off (very) part-time hours. Talk about “work smarter, not harder’. But remember, it’s the strategy that’s absolutely key here.

Working hard is fine, but if you don’t have the right strategy all your hustle and grind won’t get you results, just grey hair and burnout.

3. Easy to build on the side of your current job

I started my education in digital skills during the most ‘time-poor’ phase of my life. Our growing family consisted of the misses, a baby girl (~2 months), a toddler (2 years), a highly excitable dog (requiring twice daily exercise) and a full-time FIFO job. But even with all that going on, the ability to flick open the laptop during any rare free time and get some work in was always there.

Personal Side Note...

I had dabbled with the idea of getting a side gig in the past but things changed when kids came on the scene. My mindset back then was that I would play the traditional “provider” role - the father who sacrificed time with his family in order to support them financially. That only being around for half of their childhood but bringing home the bacon was meant to be enough for me… It wasn’t.

When my eldest daughter started to grasp the concept that Daddy left home for many days at a time, things started to really hit me where it hurts. I would tell her I had to fly out the next day and she would cry, wrap her little arms around me and beg me not to go. I’ll tell you right now, that will break a grown man’s heart.

That feeling also stuck with me for the first few days on site. This is when I finally realised that a side gig would never cut it, because a little extra cash wasn’t going to make any real impact on our lives.

I needed a paradigm shift. I needed something that would not only offer financial independence, but time and geographical freedom as well. The ability to earn good coin, whilst deciding when I worked, what I worked on and from where.

Back to our list…

4. You choose the Why, What and How

I have trouble sleeping sometimes because I can’t turn my brain off.

Since starting this online journey, I actually feel a sense of responsibility to inform others (like me) of the possibilities at hand. The opportunities before us are like never before. I’m driven by this to the point where I’ll happily wake up at 3am, roll out of bed, get my mitts on something highly caffeinated and crank out some hours before the rest of the house wakes. It’s not work if you enjoy it!

You see, I am an ambassador for people who want to stop sacrificing their precious time to work jobs. As Robert Kiyosaki says in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” - JOB is an acronym for “just over broke”. Maybe your work is unfulfilling and monotonous, or perhaps you don’t mind your job but it’s stressful or involves long hours away from the family - there is a better way.

I believe that with some guidance, people can discover more joy, meaning and freedom in their lives. One way of achieving this is by developing an online business and a positive growth mindset.

If you’re not building your own dreams then you're busy building someone else’s. When you have a strong ‘why’ for doing something and you work on what's important to you, you’ll be filled with a sense of purpose and drive and it will never actually feel like ‘work’. This is what doing what you love looks like.

5. Different strokes for different folks

That is: Different business models for different personalities.

If you’re extroverted and love the idea of networking with people and being the face of your business then great. If you’re more introverted and the idea of having to contact people makes you cringe - no worries, there’s plenty of options for those who prefer to stay in the background.

Side note...

A common thought newbies have is "I don’t even have a product or service to offer! Do I need to come up with some unique idea?" > No. A very popular approach for people in this situation is affiliate marketing, where your job is to market other people’s products and services. The beauty of this is you get to choose what you want to endorse and you can get started almost immediately - no R&D, the product or service already exists, you just have to get the word out to the right people.

What if you have a real passion for something - music, fishing, fitness… perhaps you want to go down the E-commerce route and sell physical products. Here you can buy in bulk at a fraction of the cost and then set up an automated sales system. Services like Amazon FBA will do all the hard work for you (process payments, package, distribution, etc), you just have to take care of advertising and marketing.

6. An army of robots at your command

Your power is in your ability to leverage. The leverage of technology and people is an absolute game changer. I can’t stress that enough. Let’s quickly break it down… By ‘people’ I’m referring to outsourcing jobs to leverage the skills and experience of others.

For example, copywriting or website building might not be your strength, and if you aren’t interested in learning then there are people you can task who do it for a living. Another classic example is as you read above with Amazon FBA - leveraging them to take care of transactions and fulfilment, while you get back to those hobbies you’ve been pushing aside for years.

As far as your fearless robot army goes (i.e, leveraging technology) just sit back and thank your lucky stars that you live in todays world. There are a boat load of tech examples - automated email responders, the analytics of tracking ad campaigns… There are too many to mention.

Just know that you live in a time of immense opportunity and technology is one thing that’s made starting, managing and growing a business so much easier then the days of pre-internet - and that’s an understatement!


7. Earn while you learn

An online business isn’t built in a day, but it’s something you can easily chip away at, and at your own pace. Should you want to, you can nurture it from side gig to full-time money maker without having to let go of your day job until you’re ready (monkey bar style). You can even bring in cash as a newbie whilst still learning the ropes - nice!

8. Customer reach

Did you know that there are 4.66 billion active internet users? What if you could reach only 0.1% of that number > 4,660,000. Or even 0.01% > that’s still 466,000 people! Additionally, there are intelligent algorithms that allow us to place ads in front of only the people who are most likely to be interested.

You’ve experienced this before no doubt. Ever thought your phone was spying on you? Do one search for “best awning for 4WDs” and for the next month you’ll see ads related to camping and going off-road because it’s likely that’s your jam.

9. Extremely low upfront starting costs

How much you invest will depend on which approach you are taking (and how much you choose to invest in your education); However, the start-up costs of an online business are ridiculously less expensive when compared to the ‘traditional’ approach with a storefront.

For example, the Franchising Australia 2016 report states the average total cost for non-retail franchises start from $59,750 and from $287,500 for retail franchises - yikes!

10. Bring your existing business online

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business"

Bill Gates

Love him or hate him, with worldwide confidence in online transactions increasing every year, Bill's got a valid point. Even some hungry people deciding on which restaurant to dine at will scope out the website first, scrutinising the reviews just as much as the menu.

Let’s take another example: If you’re a personal trainer and do one-on-one classes then you can only earn that one commission during that time. Maybe you host some group classes in the park and get 15 people along - great, now you are getting more coin for your time and helping more people.

However, what if you created a digital training course accessible to anyone on the internet and sold it via an automated system that’s never closed… Ding-ding-ding! Now we’re talking. Not only are you helping the masses but they are compensating you for your efforts. You’ve created a digital gold mine that can be reproduced and sold an infinite number of times.


So there you have it. It’s not a comprehensive list but I hope it’s sparked some imagination and got your mental cogs turning. The question is: What do you want out of life and what are you doing right now to achieve it?

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